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phantom hush

a textless icon challenge

Phantom Hush
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+ welcome to phantom_hush, a textless icon contest community featuring the characters of the phantom of the opera, the novel by gaston leroux; the musical (movie and stage) by andrew lloyd webber.
+ your moderator: cursetheflame
+ credits: any pictures used in this community will be from:
- thephantom.org
- phantomphan.net
- google.com

+ all entries must be submitted by the deadline and screened.
+ all entries must be 100x100, standard icon size.
+ no stealing.
+ follow the rules in each individual challenge.
+ no posting of your icon elsewhere until voting for that particular challenge is done.
+ make sure to acknowledge with every entry whether or not you want a banner.

+ a new challenge will be posted every sunday morning.
+ entries will be due by midnight (est) on the following friday.
+ voting will begin friday night/saturday morning.
+ voting will conclude saturday at midnight(est).
+ winners and banners will be announced sunday morning/evening.

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+ if you would like to affiliate, please comment here or at my personal journal.

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